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Simalytic Solutions, LLC can also provide a Simalytic Model specific to your application. Each model is designed and built as an analysis tool to help in the understanding of specific characteristics of the application. As a user of a Simalytic Model you can change various values in the model, such as the number of transactions per hour or the time to service a transaction at any of the servers, to see changes in transaction response times and component resource usage. Each Simalytic Model is developed using one of the supported simulation packages (currently PowerSim for business process models and Simul8 or Strategizer for application and capacity models) to provide the framework for the model. (NOTE: The framework simulation tool is NOT included with the Simalytic Model and must be licensed and installed separately. Please refer to the corresponding vendor for additional information about these tools.)

Model Package picture A Simalytic Model is delivered as a customized CD-ROM, as shown to the left (click on the picture for a larger view), with the names of the company, project and coordinator. Each CD-ROM contains the custom model along with the documentation and instructions for using the model for both application modeling and systems modeling.

Application Modeling provides insight for the capacity planning and performance management staff make the transition from a system-centric view to an application-centric view but still take full advantage of the processes and tools experience already in place. Application models enable them to study the effects of changes on the application itself or of changes on the infrastructure that supports the application. Examples of this type of modeling include analysis of existing applications to predict the effects of increased business volume, or of server upgrades, on the application's response time. In addition, design level models can be used to predict the responsiveness of applications before they are developed or before major functional enhancements. Using a Simalytic Model allows anyone supporting the application to see the effects of any proposed application changes before they are implemented.

Systems Modeling provides the technical expertise to build system and infrastructure level models to explore the need for, and effect of, changes to the hardware environment. Examples of this type of modeling include analysis of existing hardware environments to determine the cause of performance bottlenecks, the changes required to eliminate such bottlenecks and the business value of such changes. Using a Simalytic Model allows anyone supporting the systems to see the effects of any proposed configuration changes before they are implemented.

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