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What is Application Modeling?


Application designs are changing from the single system approach on large centralized expensive computers to cross platform client/server environments on multiple small inexpensive computers. Planning the capacity of large computer installations requires more effort than most organizations can justify because the cost of each the systems is relatively low. In addition, an understanding of the inter-relationships between the systems is often more important than understanding the systems independently.

Application Modeling views the tasks of capacity planning and performance management from the application point-of-view rather than looking at the individual systems. Instead of focusing on system level metrics, such as processor utilization, Application Modeling determines the overall performance of the application and predicts which systems will become problems considering the projected business growth. Then traditional capacity planning and performance management techniques can be applied to those select systems.

Simalytic Solutions can help your capacity planning and performance management staff make the transition from a system-centric view to an application-centric view but still take full advantage of the processes and tools experience already in place.

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