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Simalytic Solutions provides both Consulting Services and interactive web-based Service Offerings that maximize the capabilities of computing technology to achieve business objectives.  

More and more businesses are dependent on the performance of computer systems and applications with increased on-line activity. The trend of increasing on-line business functions was greatly accelerated by the global COVID-19 pandemic of 2020-21. One of the impacts of the pandemic was a serious labor shortage resulting in more need for automated systems. This means greater risk to business success if these computer systems cannot keep pace with business growth. Faced with the prospect of catastrophic business failure for the lack of some relatively inexpensive computer equipment, how does the business manager know what to do?

Simalytic Solutions specializes in the relationships between
computer application performance and business processes.

The traditional approaches to performance analysis and capacity planning no longer scale well because the cost of avoiding the problem (analysis and planning) may exceed the cost of the solution (buying a bigger system). If the hardware is truly so inexpensive, then why is there a problem? The trick is knowing which needs the upgrade. Today's business applications use many systems and upgrading them all is both expensive and wasteful. Once the key system has been identified, traditional techniques can be applied to that system very successfully. Although the analysis and planning activities are just as expensive, the cost and the return on the investment are now relative to the entire business application instead of a single system. This analysis is even more important when part of the application has been implemented with third-party services that require long-term commitments.

New Approaches: How Simalytic Solutions Can Help

Computing technology has an impact on how any business functions today. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to determine the business value of a change in that technology. Regardless of the size of the business or the size of the change, the result should be increased value to the company.

For better or for worse, technology changes affect any business. Do you need answers to questions like:

  • Did installing a second PC in the office improve productivity or cause communication problems that cost time and money?
  • Does the company web site increase business or is it just a headache to be tolerated?
  • How would a B2B (business-to-business) relationship improve company profitability?
  • Would better response time increase revenues or just cost more?
  • Will the business’ applications support next year’s growth?
  • How many customers can be supported before more equipment is needed? And what equipment will it be?
  • Would using AI (artificial intelligence) improve response times or just add costs for something "cool" but not relevant to the business?

The Value to YOUR Business

How does using services from Simalytic Solutions provide value to your company? Some of the many benefits of using the Personalized Assistance Consulting Services and the interactive web-based Service Offerings are:
  • Improved Margins – let technology work for you, not against you, to deliver your products or services at a lower cost.
  • Capital Leverage – know the productivity return for capital investments to make the most effective use of resource dollars.
  • Technology Planning – focus technology acquisitions on the strategic objectives of your business.
  • Web Delivered Services – subscription services are delivered using web-based self-service interactive applications to maximize your value and minimize your costs.
  • Depth of Expertise – decades of experience and a wealth of business partnerships, many also located in the Front-Range, insure that the answers are available to the level of detail you need.
  • Economy of Scale – increase your capabilities without increasing your staff.
  • Overall Value – pay for only what you need and only when you need it.
Contact us to discuss how The Simalytic Services can help your business.

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